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How Often Should We Clean the House


Should we clean the house every day or once in a while?

It is a kind of a rhetorical question. There is no universal answer. It is a question of habit, the time you have at your disposal, and your convenience. For one person it is more convenient to do a little work today, some more tomorrow and something can be postponed till the day after tomorrow.

And yet – it is quite reasonable. You do not waste a lot of time, you do not get exhausted. But without a good habit of the order, it would be quite difficult to maintain- you will be postponing some unpleasant thing till the crack of doom.

The second variant is to accumulate all the things necessary to do until the most suitable time. Usually, this way is more convenient for people who like a free schedule and it is easier for them to devote one day for big cleaning and then to do all the necessary things when it is needed.

But if you have a small child then you have to do wet cleaning every day – but it does not take too much time, you spend more time tidying up the toys and things.

There are several small hints which will help you to avoid a general mess in the flat or separate places. If you have a habit of leaving a number of things after you near a sofa – place a small box near it and leave spectacles, pens, newspapers, remote control, etc. in the box.

It would be easier to clean a pet’s corner if you lay a paper towel under the dishes.

Spare five minutes in the evening to clean the kitchen – it more pleasant to come to a cleanroom in the morning.

Divide the house into zones and spend 15 minutes every day in one zone – you will be greatly surprised how much you can do within that time. Never overwork at that time. It is enough for one time.

You can acquire a good habit of throwing away 10 pieces of trash or unnecessary things such as broken pens or paper.

IF you want to maintain order try to keep similar things such as buttons, batteries, cosmetics, etc. inboxes. It is easier to tidy up in boxes than all over the flat.

There are several situations which help determine the best time for
Kitchen cleaning. Kitchen cleaning will tell you every year or two,
but that is a rather vague answer. In our experience, the best time for
kitchen cleaning depends on many factors. You should want some tips in determining when to have your kitchen cleaned.

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