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The Getting Good Colorado Springs Carpet Cleaning


Colorado Springs is, without a doubt, one of the best places in the world for dog lovers. As far as the eye can see, you’ve got nothing but gorgeous, natural scenery. The place is loaded with parks and fun stuff to do for our canine friends, and the community is full of fellow dog lovers.

Of course, dogs are great, until it’s shedding season… If you have allergies, dander and hair in the carpet can really do a number on your sinuses, and that’s when it’s time to call for a professional Colorado Springs carpet cleaner.

You’re just plain not going to be able to get your carpet perfectly clean with vacuuming alone, or even with those shampooers you can rent, as they’re really not built for the same sort of heavy-duty cleaning as the professional-grade commercial cleaners. In short: Hire the pros. With the right team of carpet cleaners, you can forget about allergy season.

Don’t Look in the Yellow Pages

All you’ll get out of the phone book is a phone number. You want more than that. You want to know how they clean carpets, you want customer reviews, and you want prices, and so on and so on. You won’t get that from the yellow pages.

All you can figure out from the phone book is who had more money to buy a bigger ad in the yellow pages. So shop online, look at their websites and customer reviews and see what sort of results they can promise.

Shop All-Around

Don’t hire the first company you see, shop around. You want to find a company that will give you great, top quality results without charging an arm and a leg. Don’t sacrifice quality for cost or vice-versa. Obviously, if the only thing on your mind is the price, and then you won’t get the best company out there, so don’t just go bottom dollar, but do try to find the most affordable of the best companies.

Know What They Specialize In

Many companies are really only built for tidying up carpets that have been tread upon. Others will specialize in getting out pet odor and cleaning your house up for allergy season. If you have dogs, you need to find a company that specializes in cleaning up after them, or you’ll really only get a half-clean job.

Select Products Wisely

Different companies use different products and methods. One common method is oxygenated cleaning, where they use an oxygenated powder, instead of soap, in order to clean the carpet, while most companies still use good old’ shampoo and water. It’s up to you, but it can be useful to do a little research to see the pros and cons of each method available.

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