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Why Build a Granny Flat on Your Land for Home Improvement


For many homeowners in Perth, choosing to construct a granny flat in your backyard can be a smart investment, they aren’t exclusively designed for older adults, they can be used for a range of different purposes, one being rental accommodation. They also boost the value of your property and provide additional living quarters.

What is a granny flat?

A granny flat is a self-contained house, a living space that is similar to a bungalow. It is built as a one-story home because it is designed for older adults who don’t have great mobility. They are usually positioned in the back of your yard and are excellent for providing aging parents with independence.

Granny flats are becoming more and more popular throughout Australia and in particular Perth. There are several high-quality contractors in the area who specialize in granny flat construction, so if you are searching for a Perth granny flat builder, you should have no problems finding an expert construction company in the locality.

There are various types of granny flats they include:

  • Custom-built homes
  • Pre-fabricated
  • Flat packs
  • Transportable
  • Accessible & Independent

The main reason people build granny flats on their property is to be closer to aging loved ones, they are perfect for older family members or friends because they are self-contained and affordable to build. They don’t require a lot of space, and they are a lot cheaper than trying to purchase a home in your neighborhood.

If you’d like to be closer to an aging loved one, without encroaching on their privacy, you can offer to build a granny flat in your back yard, as opposed to moving someone into your home. You may not have the space to move another individual into your family home, so constructing a granny flat provides an excellent alternative.

The best thing about building a granny flat is accessibility if your parents or family members require immediate assistance; they’re only a few yards away, so you can reach them in minutes in case of an emergency.

Rental Property

Another advantage of having a granny flat is that it can be used as a rental property. You can easily request a 1-3 roomed, detached home, and have it delivered to your backyard, or you could have a design team visit your premises and draw up plans for a state of the art granny flat which will be built on-site.

They can be custom made to suit your needs, meaning your granny flat could include en suite bathrooms, fully functioning kitchens, and modern entertainment areas; the list of features is endless. Additionally, granny flats also boost the value of your home, mainly because of their mental capabilities.

The question should really be, why haven’t you already built a granny flat on your land? If you have some additional space in your backyard, why not make the most out of it and built a granny flat. They provide space for a growing family; they’re great for extra income and help maintain a level of privacy for their occupants.

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