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The Wood Coffee Table for Your Office


Looking for a new piece of furniture to add to your living room? The coffee table can make for a great addition, making your living room more inviting to any guests who drop by.

A Chest of Drawers, the wood coffee table selections the furniture store has available can help you out in this regard. You won’t have any trouble finding the right coffee table for your home once you see what Chest of Drawers has to offer.

If you live in a small place such as an apartment studio, conserving space is one of those constant issues that you have to deal with on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are some coffee tables small enough to fit in the smallest of homes, such as the Oak Steamed Lucid Square Coffee Table.

This wood coffee table is only eighty centimeters wide and forty centimeters tall, making it convenient to move around anywhere in your home.

Thanks to its teak surfacing, the coffee table is easy to clean, and the surface’s resistance to future stains strengthens over time when you clean it on a regular basis with a simple soap and water solution.

If this design, in particular, is too small or too big for your tastes but as the overall appearance of the table, the Oak Steamed Lucid Coffee Table is available in three different dimensions including the one listed here.

If you have plenty of room to spare for a larger wood coffee table to place in your home, the Chest of Drawers has some more selections available in larger dimensions. The Flat Oak Coffee Table is one suggestion that you can go with.

The table comes with two drawers for easy storage along with open space underneath the tabletop if you want to quickly move items to clear up some space for anything else. The table ‘shard wax and oil combination finish makes cleaning out most liquid stains quick and easy to do and protects the wood from any damage the stain might do.

The Naomi Oak Coffee Table is more of a modern take on the coffee table design that Chest of Drawers offers. Its simplistic design includes a section where you can easily place books and magazines to offer some quick reading material for your guests.

The Glycine Coffee Table is another item that fits the bill—the table’s design is more complex than the Naomi Oak Coffee Table, giving you more space to place any other items to add to the mood of your living room.

Chest of Drawers also offers wood coffee table designs that appeal to lovers of the original, classic design. The store has an Antique Coffee Table in stock that comes with four drawers if you are looking for a small coffee table and if you have room to spare.

They have another Antique Coffee Table that is two hundred forty-five centimeters in width. Some of the other classic designs have an added modern twist to them, like the Essential Teak Square Coffee Table and the Eden oak coffee Table.

The Chest of Drawers online store has a variety of wood coffee table suggestions to browse through for your convenience in any of the sizes they have available. While most of the items are usually made out of wood, the Chest of Drawers has other furniture pieces that are made out of other materials such as steel.

If you’re interested enough, visit the store’s website to check out the furniture and the price listings. You will never know what you will come across in your shopping until you do.

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