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The Cleaning a Flat Screen Tv for Your Clear Enjoyment


Cleaning a Flat Screen TV

Flat-screen televisions are highly preferred nowadays as the first choice for anyone who is planning to purchase a TV. But many people are unaware of how to maintain them. The screens catch dust and grime and can get fingerprints on it too.

All of this can decrease your viewing experience considerably. They are pretty expensive too and it is essential to maintain them properly for them to last for a longer time span. The method to clean a flat-screen TV correctly as described below.


The first and most important step is to disconnect your television from the power socket. Even remove the cord before cleaning to prevent any electrical mishaps.

Get the Required Supplies

You can choose between using lukewarm water or a special solution to clean your TV. Nowadays, commercial cleaning kits are easily available in the market that contains a special cleaning cloth and a cleaning solution that is specifically formulated to effectively clean the screen of your television. If you have a choice, get a cleaning kit that is labeled as safe for cleaning an “LCD Screen”.

Do not use a newspaper or a paper towel in place of cloth as these are wood products and can leave scratch marks on your television screen. Furthermore, avoid using strong cleaners with harsh chemicals such as ammonia-based cleaners, alcohol, or windowpane cleaners. They will damage the screen of your television.


Lightly dampen the cloth that is included in your cleaning kit or any kind of soft cloth (you may use microfiber, chamois, or 100% cotton) with the cleaning solution or lukewarm water. Gently wipe the screen with that cloth, swiping in one particular direction.
Never spray the solution directly on the screen.

This may allow the solution to seep into the casing of the television and damage the internal circuitry. Moreover, avoid swiping the cloth in several different directions as this can leave marks on your screen. Also, do not rub or scrub your screen with pressure as it can severely damage your screen and reduce the quality of your picture.

Continuous Maintenance

Dust your television every now and then to avoid the accumulation of dust or grime. Electronic devices can easily get damaged due to excessive dust. Use the cleaning solution at regular intervals on your television, such as once a month or once in 45 days, to keep it clean.

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