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Window treatments have come a very long way from the basic window treatment such as a blind or pull-down the shade.  Today, window shades and window blinds come in amazing styles, colors, textures, materials, standard sizes, and custom sizes to fit any home, apartment, condominium, office space, school, or business.

The purpose of window shades and window blinds are to provide privacy, protection from the elements, and as a means of adding beauty to any decorating theme.  There are several types of window blinds on the market today.

Wood blinds are created from wood and can be stained or painted to match or coordinate with your home or office décor.  Interior designers appreciate the versatility of wood blinds.

Vertical blinds are often seen in apartments and condominiums because they are relatively easy to install and allow for complete coverage of a large sliding glass door or large windows.  Vertical blinds come in plastic, metal, and wood.

Homeowners who appreciate a more expensive look for their window treatments prefer shutter window blinds.  Shutters lend a unique decorating touch to your home or business.  The one consideration with shutter style blinds is that they need ample space to open and close.

Panel track window treatments are not blinds per se but are considered part of the window blind product line.  They can be used in a large space to divide a room or as coverings for large open windows or doors.

Horizontal slat window blinds are the ones most people think of when they hear the term window blind.  This style of window treatment is a great space saver and can be one of the kindest on the budget, depending on the material chosen.

Shades offer more design options for the person who is looking to add not only privacy to their space but an attractive window treatment as well.

Honeycomb shades are a style of shade, not a name brand.  Think of how an actual honeycomb appears and you’ll understand the basic idea behind the design of this style of a window shade.  Air is actually trapped in between the structure of the shade materials and efficiently provides protection from the sun or the cold air.

The green movement in every area, including home décor, has many people looking to woven wood shades.  These shades are not only environmentally friendly; they add warmth and beauty to every space they occupy.

Roller shades are constructed from custom fabrics (your choice) and are known best for being compact, stylish, and boasting a very sleek appearance.  This style of shade is very versatile and can be used on large or small windows.  There are fabrics dark enough to completely blackout a room or light enough to filter the sunlight while allowing plenty of natural light into space.

Roman shades are shades fashioned from custom fabric or materials that will fold neatly when drawn open.  You can choose from a roman shade design that is flat when it is lowered or you can choose a style that features overlapping folds when the shade is down.

Pleated shades are very classy and lend themselves to more of a decorative accent in your space.  This style of shade is manufactured from crisp; clean materials and can include dark and light fabrics for your specific tastes.

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